From pool design to finish landscaping, Granite Pools & Spas has you covered.

We have been in the swimming pool design and building industry for over 30 years and along the way we have refined our process to best meet the needs of the customers we serve. We do things a little differently than many companies, we know we could build more pools another way, but mass producing pre-fab pools with unknown sub-contractors isn’t what works for us. We still believe that helping clients find the right design for their family needs and budget is the best start to delivering a quality swimming pool or spa. The smoother the pool building process goes and the more reliable the pool operates, the happier our customer families will be. We like happy pool owners.

Step 1 – Consultation and design

This starts with an in-home meeting to develop an understanding of your needs, lifestyle and budget and discuss options to create the backyard of your dreams.

Step 2 – Site prep and layout

Getting off on the right foot means planning the job correctly. We will provide you with advance notice of our construction crew arrival and you will know what to expect every step of the way. We will take care to not only begin the project right but to also leave your yard the same, or better, than we found it.

Step 3 – Excavation

Following the carefully laid out guides and markers we will precisely excavate your pool and spa area to ensure you have the right foundation and wall support. There is too much riding on getting this step right so we don’t trust this work to just anybody, we do it ourselves. usually this is the favorite part for the family to watch.

Step 4 – Framework, plumbing and electricalpool construction

We carefully install the support structure for your pool as well as all the plumbing lines and electrical wiring. We will test the stability of the framework and conduct multiple pressure tests of the plumbing to ensure the integrity of that system. Since everything from the pool equipment to the pool and landscaping lighting requires electricity our crew will follow the plans an make sure that you get power where you need it.

Step 5 – Surface installation

This  is where the pool really takes shape as we skillfully apply your selected surface coating to the framework. You can watch our team as they spray and smooth your pool into shape.

Step 6 – Decking and tilepool builder

Whether it is a stamped look to match your existing walkways or a more low-key traditional look we will make sure your deck compliments your pool as well as suits your lifestyle. We also help you select the right tile to give your swimming pool a great finished look at the waterline.

Step 7 Р Finish surface

This is step requires both skill and artistry since it will be what everybody sees and feel when they are in your pool. This takes a day or two depending on materials and design but taking the time to do things the right way has long term benefits.

Step 8 – Landscaping

Nearing completion of the pool we begin work on either adding landscaping extras like lighting, decorative rocks, planters, fire pits or whatever else you may have planned.

Step 9 – Start up

We perform the initial startup of your equipment and chemical balancing of your pool. We understand that this may all be new to you so we take our time to train you and answer any questions you may have.

Step 10 – Clean up

As we prepare to leave we clean the work area and do final checks on anything we installed or moved. Our goal is to leave you with just the backyard of your dreams.